Our hotel has been present for a long time. We make the best for all our customers.

Hotel Nais …The tradition continuous…Hotel Nais Beach is the continuity of a family tradition that is nowadays well-known as Hotel Nais, fulfilling in this manner our duty to satisfy clients that already knew our services.

Hotel Nais Beach has a very good and strategic position because it is located near the sea; it is also near the center of Durres. The center of Durres is only 10 minutes by walking and the sea is 0 meters from our hotel.

This makes our hotel to be preferred by tourists in every season of the year. The contemporary architecture accompanied with comfortable rooms, a beautiful view of the promenade, the sea view and qualified personnel are some of the strength of our Hotel. The City of Durres is also a very important historical and archeological center in Durres. Hotel Nais Beach is 500 meters from the center of Durres, from the port of Durres and also 500 meters from the main entrance of the promenade of the city.

The promenade Taulantia is one of the biggest and beautiful promenades of Durres. It is one of the most attractive places of Durres where you can make a walk near the sea and can taste the traditional Albanian foods in all the restaurants that are along this promenade. Hotel Nais Beach is also 200 meters away from the archeological Museum of Durres, which is the biggest museum of Albania. Other important historical and archeological monuments are the amphitheater and the castle of Durres, in which those last years a lot of event has been organized. Those two monuments have been constructed before 1800 years during the rule of Roman Empire. Another important historical center near Durres is the City of Kruja. Hotel Nais Beach is also 35 Km from Tirana, the capital city of Albania and 30 Km from the airport “Mother Tereza”.

Near the Sea

Near the Center

Near the Port